Tollwood Summer Festival

Tollwood Summer Festival

Since 1988 the Tollwood Festival takes place in Munich and since 1991 even twice a year. In the summer the Tollwood Festival is situated in the Olympic park and in the winter at Theresienwiese. The Tollwood Festival has a great cultural offer and provides a platform for environmental themes.

The festival presents three areas: The “market of ideas” where handcraft and craftwork from all over the world is presented. Organic certification of food is another concept of Tollwood Festival. Therefore most of the food at the festival is organic. A performance platform for music, theater and art is the third part of the Tollwood concept.

Especially in the summer many open-air performances, e.g. music or theater are free of charge. There is also a concert tend, the “Musik Arena”, where the shows and concerts of international stars take place. Tickets are available in advance.

Tollwood Festival in summer

In June and July the Sommer Tollwood Festival takes place on more than 30.000 square meters and with about 900.000 visitors. It is a very popular meeting point for about 25 days in the Olympic park. The “Musik Arena” presents musicians like Gary More, Angelo Branduardi or Toto.

Tollwood at a glance!


Very cool festival mood

Very cool festival mood

Very cool festival mood The Fernsehturm in the background Hard to decide where to eat... Bigger Acts are playing in the Musikarena Lots of Stands with neat things Concerts for free in the smaller tents Lots of Stands with neat things The Olympic Stadium From crafts, music instruments to... hats, bags and stylisch accessories


Tollwood - Map

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Tollwood Sommerfestival
Spiridon-Louis-Ring (OlympiaparkSüd)
80809 München

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