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Tickets & Tariffs - Overview

The public transport network in Munich is divided in zones and rings and the tariff system can be even complicated for Munich locals. You can get lots of informations on the Homepage of the MVV

You can purchase your ticket at ticket machines at nearly every station. In Buses and Trams you can buy your ticket inside. You also can purchase your ticket online and print it out.

Day Ticket

When you are exploring the city of Munich the Day Ticket is the perfect ticket, as it is valid for as many trips as you like until 6 a.m. the following day.

For trips inside the city the inner district is sufficient (Innenraum). This ticket is also available for 3 days. On the map for the S-Bahn network this area is marked in white. If you want to visit Munich suburbs, too, we advice you the day ticket Munich XXL (München XXL), this is valid in the white and green zones on the map for the S-Bahn network.

Who only wants to visit the outer district of Munich, this is the green, yellow and red zone on the map for the S-Bahn network, should buy a day ticket for the outer district (Außenraum) which can be combined with a day ticket for the inner district.

Of course there is a day ticket for the entire public transport network in Munich, too. The "Gesamtnetz".

Partner-Day-Ticket & Group-Day-Tickets

All day tickets are also available as Partner- and Group-Day-Tickets. The Group-Day-Ticket is valid for up to 5 adults and 10 children between the age of 6 and 14.

Children under 6 years old travel free of charge.

Furthermore the day ticket and the day ticket for the outer circle are available as single and partner day tickets.


The CityTourCard is a special offer for tourists in Munich. It includes a discount card that can be used at over 70 tourist attractions. The CityTourCard is also available for 3 or 4 days, too. You will find more infos on the website of the CityTourCard

Stripe ticket & Single Tickets

The stripe ticket is frequently used by Munich locals, too, as it can be used for all trips using the MVV (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, Bus). You just need to validate the respective number of stripes – for one person or more people. One trip in the inner district of Munich is 2 stripes for one adult. For each further zone two more stripes have to be validated. You are allowed to change and interrupt your trip. Return and round trips are are not allowed.

Exceptions are short trips (Kurzstrecke): Up to 4 stops with bus and trams and 2 stops with S- and U-Bahn validate just one stripe. Children between 6 and 14 years old only validate one stripe per trip, no matter how far the travel.

Single Tickets can be bought accordingly for 1, 2 or 4 Stripes.

Both ticket types must be validated before getting into the vehicles.

Validate tickets

All tickets that do not show a date have to be validated. Small blue boxes are usually situated by the stairs that lead to the platforms. Here you can validate your ticket. In the trams and buses you can validate the ticket inside the vehicle, watch out for the blue boxes, too.

When buying a ticket at S-Bahn you will have to pay VAT. The MVG sells tickets without VAT. This is interesting for traveling businessmen and woman who use Munich public transport for business reasons.

Tickets & Tariffs at a glance!


A ticket machine in München Pasing

A ticket machine in München Pasing


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