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Like everywhere in Germany taxis are ivory-coloured and have a illuminated sign on the roof of the car with yellow letters and a black background. When they are not driving through the city you will find them at one of the taxi stands.

With a Smartphone App you will be able to quickly order the taxi that is close to you and you can even get in contact with the driver. Should you not have a taxi app you will find below telephone numbers of the different taxi services in Munich:

Taxi fares

All taxis have a meter in the front that show the current fare. Taxi fares differ in Germany from town to town.

The price depends on the distance and the length of time of the journey. It does not depend on the number of people in the taxi. Below some information on taxis fares in Munich:

There is a basic price of 2,90 EUR and a price per kilometer of 1,25 EUR (if the driving distance is more than 10 kilometers) and 1,60 EUR for a driving distance up to 5 kilometers. The waiting fare is 22,50 EUR per hour. Surcharges can be added for extra luggage and pets.

Getting a taxi from Munich central railway station to Munich East railway station the fare will be 13.50 EUR. With the taxi calculator you can estimate your taxi fare.

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Plenty of taxis

Plenty of taxis


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