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Car & green zones - low emission zones

A lot of people who live in Munich prefer public transport and leave their car at home. When the weather is nice they like to ride their bike or other powered two-wheelers. Still, the most comfortable way of travelling around Munich is the car. If you take into account the following information you will be able to drive around Munich in your car without getting stressed and other big problems.

Munich by car

Two big ring roads dominate the traffic in the city of Munich: the middle ring road (Mittlerer Ring) and the inner ring road (Innerer Ring)

On a map the middle ring road of Munich will be named 2R. It is the backbone of Munich’s traffic. All important roads in the city of Munich can be reached by the middle ring road. It leads through many tunnels and is always at least a two-lane road.

The inner ring road is a well extended ring road, which is also called “Altstadtring” (ring road of the historic city centre) because it circumscribes the complete historic city centre, which is mostly pedestrian zone.

Green zones in Munich - Low-emission zone

Since 2008 there are green zones in Munich. The increasing volume of traffic and the polluted air with fine particulate matter and nitrogen was the reason for this decision.

Zones and badges - emission stickers

Today environmental badges/emission stickers regulate which vehicle is allowed to drive where in Munich. The obligatory additional sign then regulates which vehicles with which colour of environmental badges are allowed access into this area.

There are three environmental badges (red, yellow, green) for different emission groups. Within the middle ring road in Munich (Mittlerer Ring) only cars with a green badge are allowed.

What badge for which vehicle?

All cars and trucks are divided into emission categories. What badge your vehicle will need, depends on the category it is registered in, as well as the age, which fuel is used and other criteria. Motorbikes, agricultural vehicles and old-timers don’t need a badge. But buses and campers will need to get one.

Selling points and prices

You can buy environmental badges/emission stickers at garages in Germany and of course online

Environmental badges are valid for all green zones in Germany and usually cost 5,- or 10,- Euro. There is no time limit. emission stickers are obligatory for cars registered in foreign countries, too.

Vehicles without environmental badge may not pass through the green zone, otherwise they have to pay a penalty of 40,00 €.


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