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Arrival & Departure

However you choose to come to Munich whether you get a flight, you arrive by bus or train or in you own vehicle – Munich is accessible very well. Every day a lot of travelers but also commuters from the urban hinterland come to Munich. Therefore the city is prepared to deal with a great number of visitors.

The following sites will give you plenty of information which will be the best way for you to get to Munich and what is important to know when traveling in your own vehicle around the city.

Picture: The Munich Airport Center at night

The Munich Airport Center at night * 1)

Picture: View from the Hackerbrücke

View from the Hackerbrücke

Picture: Entrance from Hackerbrücke

Entrance from Hackerbrücke


Listen to Informations of Arrival and Departure as audio

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* 1) Photo: Werner Hennies, Flughafen München GmbH

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