Munich Trade Fair (Messe München)

Munich Trade Fair (Messe München)

With around 40 trade fairs throughout the year, 180.000 square meters of exhibition space and 360.00 square meters of outdoor exhibition space Messe München is one of the world’s leading trade fair companies.

Messe München was founded in 1964. Since 1998 the headquarters of Messe München are in Munich-Riem. On the roof of the exhibition halls the world’s largest photovoltaic system is mounted. This way Messe München saves more than 8.000 barrels of carbon dioxide a year. Using a geothermal system the whole exhibition centre is provided with renewable energy.

Further location of Messe München

ICM Munich The International Congress Center (ICM) offers exhibition space for smaller events and conferences.

MOC Munich Another part of Messe München, the event and order center M,O,C, is situated in München-Kieferngarten.

The biggest trade faires in Munich

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Messe München (entrance west) with the lake

Messe München (entrance west) with the lake *


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