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For all those who like to just take off and have a look at Munich and the Greater Munich area from above, there is quite a bit on offer.

In Munich you will find facilities for all different air sports, e. g. for aircrafts, gliders or ultra lights. To fly over Munich and its surrounding, the lakes and the Alps with a small aircraft or a helicopter is a great experience for all ages. There are several facilities in and around Munich that offer a selection of different air sports.

For those who like it a bit more quiet and who want to float through the air without the rattling of an engine we advice to try a balloon ride. Spectacular views of the mountains and the lakes make Munich and its region an ideal place for balloon rides.

Ballonteam Auerberg

Ballonteam Auerberg


Picture: Ballonteam Auerberg


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Map: Munich
Ballonteam Auerberg
Kirchweg 12
86944 Unterdießen bei Landsberg/Lech
Cellphone: 0175 1717872


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