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Munich Swimming Regulations in the river Isar

The Isar is a wild river which flows through the middle of Munich. He holds some dangers, in general it´s not permittet to swim in the Isar. On the one hand there are sluices, Resisting and technical arrangements which can become very dangerous. Warning signs at those facilities are no substitute for ones own common sense.

And if the Isar has high water due to long raining periods, the flow speed increases. In this case it´s more difficult to swim and also the Isar can carry flotsam or driftwood with it - and this can be a very dangerous risk.

Because of these problems it´s not permitted in general, but there are four areas where everybody can swim & bath - of course at it´s own risk. Even making a Barbeque is permitted on a great number of places.

Excerpt from Munich Swimming Regulations and BootVO 360 (See this only as a point of reference, this is law stuff and it´s translated!)

§4 Swimming

(1) It is forbidden to have a bath outside the public swimming pools in fluent surface waters, in the "Lände", as well as in the biological pond of the drainage facility of the airport of München-Riem.

(2) Except from the ban of the paragraph 1 are the following watered areas: The Isar:

  • a) from the town border to the north of the Großhesseloher bridge up to the Braunauer railway bridge, on both sides of the river;

  • b) from the Braunauer railway bridge to 50 m above the Reichenbachbrücke, on the right (eastern) river side; nevertheless, within this passage swimming is forbidden from 20 m above to 40 m below the Wittelsbacher bridge;

  • c) from 200 m below the Bogenhauser bridge (Max´s Joseph bridge) to 200 m above the military layouts of the Bayernwerk AG, on the right (eastern) river side. Isar channel of the public utilities: The passage of the Isar channel between the bridge to the Marienklause and the Thalkirchner bridge.

(3) Also within the permitted watered areas, swimming is forbidden in close vicinity of water-retaining structures and power units, spillovers/waterfalls, sluices, vortexes, canal orifices and other dangerous places.


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