The Nordbad belongs to a row of plannings of the city of Munich in the time of the national socialism which should promote the sport and the body culture. The first project was the Prinzregentenstadion (princesregent´s stadium) between 1933 and 1936. In 1934 the town bought a property in the Schleißheimer street for an indoor swimming pool in the north which was opened in October, 1941.

The imposing swimming hall is characterized by terrace/platform. The swimming pool is 33 x 13 metres but it can be seperated by a dividing wall into a part with the norm length of 25 m and a beginners´ pool. It has two diving platforms with a height of 1 metre respectively 3 metres.

Since the renovation inside, the Nordbad also offers another smaller pool which is used either for water gymnastics or as a children pool, a jacuzzi and for small children a "Kinderplantschbereich" (paddling pool) with a children´s slide and water fountains.

In the outside area the Nordbad has a 34 degrees celsius warm outside pool with a streaming canal, massage nozzles and bubblebeds. It is surrounded by a sunbathing area which can be used in summer.

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Nordbad, Indoor pool

Nordbad, Indoor pool *

Nordbad, Indoor pool Nordbad, outdoor pool in winter Nordbad, indoor pool Nordbad


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