The Schyrenbad is the oldest outdoor swimming pool of Munich. The bath was opened in 1847 as an urban outdoor swimming pool and pure bath for men; only from 1938 women were also admitted in the bath. The swimming pool was fed with Isar water by the Freibadbächl, a fork of the Auer Mühlbach, a little Isar city brook in Munich. In 1855 the bath was destroyed by a high water; since 1877 it carries the name Schyrenbad.

During the Olympic games 1972 the Schyrenbad acted as a training site for the athleths, which led to extensive renovation works prior to the games. From 2006 to 2007 the bath became once more general-refurbished and a second pool was built. Now it has two swimming pools and a water children´s slide.

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Schyrenbad, outdoor pool

Schyrenbad, outdoor pool *

Schyrenbad, outdoor pool Schyrenbad, outdoor pool


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