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Berg am Laim

Berg am Laim

In the rather unspectacular 14th borough of Munich one will find only view coffee bars and restaurants. Berg am Laim offers apartment houses and industrial estates. In the 19th century many railroad workers moved to Berg am Laim as it is close to the Ostbahnhof (the railway station Munich East). There are still some remains of the historic centre of the former village: One of the most beautiful churches in Munich St. Michael a Jesuit church in baroque and renaissance style.

Munich’s night life district with the well known club “Kultfabrik” and Optimolwerk” is located in Berg am Laim, alongside the rail tracks that lead to the Ostbahnhof. The former factory site with more than 20 clubs, halls and bars is an ideal location for a long night out.

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Former railyard 4, Berg am Laim

Former railyard 4, Berg am Laim *


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Berg am Laim

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