The subdistricts of the ninth borough Neuhausen-Nymphenburg are Nymphenburg, Neuhausen, St. Vinzenz, Oberwiesenfeld, Dom Pedro, Alte Kaserne and Gern. This former recreation area close to Munich still offers a lot of green and open space and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Nymphenburg Palace, the botanical garden and the big beer garden “Hirschgarten” with about 8000 seats are situated in this borough. Nymphenburg and Neuhausen offer lots of pretty old buildings and mansions. Coffee bars, small shops, a farmers market once a week at Rotkreuzplatz where one will find several ice cream parlours, too, make this borough a really nice place to live.

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Schloss Nymphenburg from inside the garden

Schloss Nymphenburg from inside the garden


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