Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace

Schleißheim palace complex was founded by Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria (1548-1626), who in 1597 purchased the isolated moorland farm of Schleißheim with its St Margaret´s Chapel for a large sum of money from the Freising Cathedral chapter.

The ensemble consisting of the New and Old Palaces, Lustheim Palace and the extensive baroque garden is a splendid example of court architecture and garden design from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Schleissheim Old Palace

The original farm of Schleißheim was acquired by Duke Wilhelm V (reigned 1579-98), who in 1598 built a simple mansion on the property, the so-called "Wilhelmsbau". This formed the centre of a symmetrical complex which gradually evolved around various courtyards of different sizes, and was only completed during the reign of his son, Maximilian I. The central gate and clock tower date back to the first building period; the larger of the bells in the tower is dated 1602.

Schleissheim New Palace

Elector Max Emanuel, who was hoping to become the next emperor, had the New Palace built as his future residence. Originally planned as a four-wing complex, it was begun in the winter of 1700/01 under the well-known court architect Henrico Zuccalli.

Schleissheim Lustheim Palace

On the occasion of his marriage to the Austrian emperor´s daughter Maria Antonia in June 1685, the young elector Max Emanuel of Bavaria (reigned 1680-1726) commissioned his court architect Henrico Zucalli from Grisons to build the hunting lodge and garden palace of Lustheim. Zucalli based his design on the Italian casino buildings popular since the early 16th century, which were to be found in a wide variety of locations outside residences.

Schleissheim Court Garden

The Schleißheim Garden with its surrounding canals and the large bosket area between Lustheim and the New Palace was designed from 1684 by Henrico Zucalli when Lustheim Palace was built.

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Schleissheim Palace view form the garden side

Schleissheim Palace view form the garden side *

Schleissheim Palace view form the garden side Old Palace garden side Lustheim Palace garden side


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