Munich Residence (Residenz München)

Munich Residence (Residenz München)

Right in the centre of the city of Munich is the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs. The Residenz is the largest city palace in Germany with many displays from the former royal collection.

The complex is divided in three main parts: the Königsbau, the Maximilianische Residenz and the Festsaalbau. Furthermore ten court yards belong to the city palace.

From the outside Munich Residenz appears rather unexceptional. However, over the centuries the inside became a mixture of renaissance, baroque, rococo and classicism style.

When visiting the Residenz we advice to have a look at the Residenz museum, the treasure chamber and the Cuvilliés Theatre which reopened only recently.

In the entrance to the Kaiserhof and Brunnenhof are sitting two bronze lions. It is said that touching the lion’s head will bring good luck.

Munich Residence at a glance!


The Antiquarium inside the Residenz

The Antiquarium inside the Residenz *

The Antiquarium inside the Residenz The Residenz view into the Residenzstraße Inside the Kaiserhof of the Residenz Inside the Kaiserhof of the Residenz The Fountain inside the Brunnenhof Inside the Brunnenhof Entry to the Hofgarten at the Residenz Entry to the Kaiserhof


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* Photo: By Patrick Theiner, de:Benutzer:Arcaist (de:Datei:Antiquarium residence munich.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons

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