Principal of Ludwigstraße was King Ludwig I of Bavaria and the avenue is named in his honour. It is as a grand street "worthy the kingdom" as requested by the king. Ludwigstraße is skirted by impressive buildings. The avenue starts at Odeonsplatz and runs north towards Siegestor.

The Ludwigstraße was built between 1816 and1827. It pays homage to King Luwig I who participated in the planning of the avenue when he was still a crown prince to demonstrate his influence on the Bavarian kingdom. Right at the beginning of Ludwigstraße stands a statue of Kind Ludwig I.

Some buildings were constructed during the Third Reich and during the Second World War some buildings were damaged due to street fighting. But even today the avenue still has a striking atmosphere.

Magnificent buildings along Ludwigstraße up to the Siegestor are Odeonsplatz, Feldherrnhalle, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library), Bayerisches Staatsarchiv (Bavarian Main Records Office) as well as the building of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and the University church St. Ludwig.

The Ludwigstraße serves for the traditional costume procession during the beer festival and the Munich Marathon in October.

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Ludwigstraße at Odeonsplatz direction to Siegestor

Ludwigstraße at Odeonsplatz direction to Siegestor

Hofgarten, Feldherrnhalle, Theatinerkirche at the end of Ludwigstraße Ludwigstraße at Odeonsplatz direction to Siegestor Café Tambosi at the Hofgarten The Bazaar-Building at  Ludwigstraße Ludwigstraße direction going out of town The Siegestor marks the ending of Ludwigstraße


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