Platzl (little Place)

Platzl (little Place)

Roughly since 1780 this small square in the centre of Munich is called “Platzl”. Orlandostraße ends here and the famous brewhouse Hofbräuhaus is situated here, too. Other well known locations at Platzl are the restaurant ”Südtiroler Stuben“ and “Orlando” which are run by the famous cook Alfons Schuhbeck as well as a branch of the Hard Rock Café.

A few student associations that were founded in the 19th century still have their base at Platzl. Others have moved to other parts of the city. Their names e. g. “Corps Bavaria” and “Corps Hercynia” remind people of the era when they were founded. Some of them are still duelling student associations.

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Schuhbeck´s Orlando

Schuhbeck´s Orlando

The Platzl with view to the Hofbräuhaus The Orlandohaus at the Platzl Schuhbeck´s Orlando The Platzl view from Pfisterstraße Hofbräuhaus and Schuhbeck´s Südtiroler Stuben Schuhbeck´s Südtiroler Stuben The Hard Rock Café in Munich ist at the Platzl The Hard Rock Café in Munich ist at the Platzl Shopping, Icecream & all kind of yoghurts Fanshop of Soccerclub FC-Bayern


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