Ostpark (East Park)

Ostpark (East Park)

When planning the borough Neuperlach in Munich the Ostpark (east park) was built as well. The construction of the park started in 1973 and the last part was finished in 1982 when the park was officially opened.

The east park was built on former farmland that was covered with rubble from the construction of the close by metro station Neuperlach. A 3.5-hectar landscape with little hills and a lake with an “island” were developed.

Especially in the winter the east park is very popular. On the lake people go ice skating and play Bavarian curling. In the northern part of the lake is a beer garden called Michaeligarten and very close to the park there is the indoor and outdoor pool Michaelibad.

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Ostpark Munich

Ostpark Munich *

Ostpark Munich Ostpark Munich Ostpark Munich Ostpark Munich, View to Neuperlach Michaeligarten inside Ostpark


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