Angerlohe, another woodland of about 40 hectares is the remainder of the former wooded belt around Munich. It is an oak and beech forest which was used in the past for firewood exploitation. And this is where still in some parts its light character comes from.

Woodlands with the word “Lohe” in their name indicate a forest in the Munich area that is situated on upper crushed rock area which borders on the woodlands of “Aubinger, Karlsfelder-Ludwigsfelder and Erdinger Moos” that in the past formed a wooded belt.

Angerlohe at a glance!


North of the Angerlohe

North of the Angerlohe

North of the Angerlohe Old Entry Beautiful trees Beautiful trees Great trails for running There are several playgrounds East of the Angerlohe Runners Paradise North of the Angerlohe A real idyll


Angerlohe - Map

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