Pasinger Stadtpark (City Park Munich Pasing)

Pasinger Stadtpark (City Park Munich Pasing)

Right at Pasing railway station the city park Pasing begins. To the southwest it extends to the suburb Gräfelfing. To the northeast it extends to the park around Blutenburg Castle.

1815 Kind Maximlian I. constructed a park around its country house, the Prinz Carl Manor.

Today the river Würm flows through the 18-hectar park. Meadows are ideal for ball games, natural trees are great to climb and there are many small paths for walks. The old parish church connects the City Park Pasing to the monastery garden.

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Stadtpark Pasing

Stadtpark Pasing

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Pasinger Stadtpark
Hugo-Fey-Weg 1
81241 München

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