The 33-hectare area of the Luitpoldpark is situated in the northwest of Munich in the borough Schwabing.

Originally in 1909 the name of the park was Nordpark (north park). In the centre of the park there is a monument in remembrance of the Bavarian prince regent Luitpold. It is an obelisk surrounded by 90 lime trees and 25 oak trees. In 1911 on the 90ieth birthday of the prince regent the 90ieth oak tree was planted.

After the Second World War in the northern part of the park a hill was built (Leopoldhügel), about 37 meters high. It is a view point that was built from the rubble of many destroyed buildings in Munich during the war. On a clear day one can see from the Leopoldhügel the complete mountain range of the Alps with the city of Munich in front of it.

In the western part of the park there is the Bamberger Haus, a neo-baroque building with a garden restaurant that was built in 1912. The building belongs to the city of Munich. In the facade there is a sandstone sculpture of the “Böttingerhaus” in Bamberg (eastern Bavaria). The house has a big playground and is therefore very popular among families.

Close to Luitpoldpark there is the outdoor pool Georgenschwaige.

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The Luitpold Park

The Luitpold Park *

The Luitpold Park The Bamberger Haus


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* Background image: By Oliver Raupach (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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