Aubinger Lohe

Aubinger Lohe

Aubinger Lohe (also known as “Aubinger Loche“, but seldomly used) is a woodland on a hill in the western parts of Munich. Since its forestation with spruces it is no longer a woodland as defined by the German word „Lohe“.

Aubinger Lohe is situated completely in the territory of the city of Munich. In the north it borders on the district Lochhausen, in the south east on the district Aubing and it is surrounded by fields and meadows. In the south Aubinger Lohe is devided by a road and the railway line Munich – Fürstenfeldbruck which is also the border to the „Aubinger Moos“.

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A real treasure west of Munich

A real treasure west of Munich

A real treasure west of Munich Beautiful trails There a two tiny lakes This one is the more beautiful one :o) A great opening View from the hill Plenty places two take a rest Trailrunners Paradise A beautiful mixed forest The lake in the morning


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Aubinger Lohe
Bushaltestelle Asmarsstraße
S-Bahn Lochhausen

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