Westpark (West Park)

Westpark (West Park)

In 1983 the Westpark was created in the south-west of Munich and hosted the International Garden Show that same year. The park covers an area of about 69 hectare extending 2.4 km from east to west. One of the main traffic arterys, the Garmischer Straße, divides the park into an eastern and western section. Both parts are connected by a pedestrian subway.

The Westpark is the most frequented urban park in Munich with many different sites: Play- and sportsgrounds, a barbque area, two beer gardens, a restaurant, a coffee bar as well as many walkways and cycle lanes. Furthmore there is a rose garden, an alpine garden, a historic garden and a garden for the blind and a lake. Little Asia is another extraordinary ensemble in the Westpark. It consists of a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden, a Thai sala and a pagoda which was constructed by 300 Nepalese craftsmen and was shipped to Munich where it was put together. Every year in May the Vesakh Festival takes place in Westpark and during the entire summer the Buddhistic full moon and new moon festivals will be celebrated, too.

On the nothern shore of the lake there is an open-air arena where in the summer an open-air cinema as well as plays and concerts will take place.

Another attraction is a historic farm house from 1747 which was originally built in the Bavarian Forest. It is surrounded by a farmer’s garden.

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The Mollsee inside West Park

The Mollsee inside West Park *

The Mollsee inside West Park The Chinese Garden A paradise for children - Playgrounds inside westpark The Garden of Roses View inside some hills of the eastern part What is where in westpark


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