Munich Court Garden (Hofgarten)

Munich Court Garden (Hofgarten)

Creation of the Munich Court Garden began in 1613, at the same time as the new buildings and extensions erected by Duke Maximilian I. The garden lay outside the moat that then surrounded much of the Residenz.

The original garden was elaborate, containing circular tempietti, avenues of mulberry trees, fountains, arcades, ornamental box hedges and fruit trees. The central pavilion, designed in 1615 by Heinrich Schön the Elder, survives, its eight arches reflecting the division of the garden by cross-shaped and diagonal paths.

The pavilion is capped by a copy of Tellus Bavarica, a monumental bronze figure symbolising the treasures of the Bavarian land: grain, game, water and salt. The statue was created by Hubert Gerhard around 1590 and was moved to the court carden pavilion from one of the Residenz gardens in 1616 by Duke Maximilian I. To protect it from the elements, the original sculpture is now installed in the Theatinergang (Theatine Corridor) of the Munich Residenz.

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The Fountain in front of the central pavilion (Dianentempel)

The Fountain in front of the central pavilion (Dianentempel)

The Fountain in front of the central pavilion (Dianentempel) Chilling at Café Tambosi at Court Garden Inside the Court Garden The central pavilion (Dianentempel) Inside the Court Garden Musicians at the entry of the Court Garden Relaxing in the centre of Munich The Court Garden lies next to the Residenz


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