Old Botanical Garden (Alter Botanischer Garten)

Old Botanical Garden (Alter Botanischer Garten)

Very close to one of Munich’s main traffic junctions, Karlsplatz (Stachus), another green oasis, the old botanical garden is situated at Lenbachplatz in the district Königsplatz of the borough Maxvorstadt. The park goes as far as Elisenstraße and the palace of justice. In the north it borders on The Chales Hotel. The park has a size of about 4 hectares.

In 1854 the botanical garden was the venue of the international industrial exhibition. A large exhibition hall was constructed from steel and glas, the Glaspalast (glas palace). During a fire in 1931 it was completely destroyed including thousand paintings of contemporary artists.

After the new botanical garden was built on the outskirts of Munich in Nymphenburg in 1937 the old botanical garden became a park. At that time the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune fountain) and a coffee house (today called the Park Café) were built. Until today there is a small exhibition hall for contemporary art works. Many exotic trees remind the visitors of the origin of the park.

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Neptune´s Fountain

Neptune´s Fountain

Neptune´s Fountain Relaxing in the centre of the city View from inside the park Neptune´s Fountain View to the Palace of Justice The Parkcafé Neptune´s Fountain Neptune´s Fountain Old Botanical Garden


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