Allacher Forst (Allach Forest)

Allacher Forst (Allach Forest)

In the past in the north of Munich there was an extensive wood belt. Today Allach Forest (Allacher Lohe) is with about 150 hectares the remainder of it. It is a light mixed forest which is called in German “Lohwald” with a habitat for many plants on the forest floor.

Allach Forest is due to its location in the north of Munich an ideal place for a walk and a short trip.

Allach Forest at a glance!


The lake at Allacher Forstweg

The lake at Allacher Forstweg

The whole area is traversed by trails Great tracks Allacher Lohe Some places to rest are available Perfect Trails Great Trails in the shadow fof the trees The lake at Allacher Forstweg Sad to say: Swimming is not allowed Frogs in the Allacher Lohe View at Munichs Television Tower


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