Hirschgarten (Garden of the Deers)

Hirschgarten (Garden of the Deers)

On about 40 hectares in the western part of Munich in the borough Neuhausen-Nymphenburg you will find the Hirschgarten. It is a park with many old trees, meadows, barbeque areas and play grounds. It is another popular recreation area among Munich locals. In the centre of the park there is also Munich´s biggest bier garden with about 8000 seats.

A game reserve with dears is also situated in the park. That is where the park got its name from.

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Great playground for children

Great playground for children

The game reserve inside Hirschgarten The game reserve inside Hirschgarten Enough space for all kinds of sport The Hirschgarten Great playground for children Idyllic places The game reserve inside Hirschgarten Idyllic place below a tree Hirschgarten Hirschgarten


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