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Staatliche Antikensammlung (State Collection of Antiques)

Staatliche Antikensammlung (State Collection of Antiques)

The Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collections of Antiques) in the Kunstareal of Munich is a museum for the Bavarian state´s antique collections for Greek, Etruscan and Roman art. The Bavarian state collection of Ancient Egyptian art is traditionally placed in its own museum. This museum is also complemented by the sculptures collection, which is located in the opposite Glyptothek.

The State Collection of Antiquites is based on the Wittelsbach antique collections, especially the collection of attic vases of King Ludwig I. In 1831 his agent Martin von Wagner acquired pottery from the archeological excavation in Vulci, his agent Friedrich von Thiersch purchased by auction the antiques from the estate of Lucien Bonaparte. The king acquired also antique gold jewellery from the collection of Caroline Murat, Etruscan bronzes excavated in Perugia and Greek terra-cottas from South Italy.

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Königsplatz: The State Collections of Antiquities in Munich

Königsplatz: The State Collections of Antiquities in Munich


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